How well do you know yourself?

You’re a woman who wants it all. You already have a lot, but you want more. More fulfillment. More love. More courage. More joy. More abundance. More purpose.

You know happiness comes from inside, but where do you start? If only there was someone who could tell you who you are, who you really are, deep inside, to give you the answers to all your questions.

Oh, yes. That would be nice.

You’re so ready to be you.

We’ll get along famously if you:

  • want to go deep and even when it’s uncomfortable, you’re committed to you
  • know there’s more between heaven and earth than what meets the eye
  • go for quality over quantity, whether it’s chocolate, clothes or friends
  • appreciate the little things
  • love getting postcards in the mail and the smell of amber incense - and maybe you even have a thing for ABBA too

I'm here to serve.

Loes van MierloHi there, I’m Loes (pronounced like the Spanish word luz). I’m a Soul Coach because helping women find their soulful self again is what lights me up like a million watt energy saving light bulb. And because that’s how I let my LOVE shine.

Imagine how it would feel to know exactly who you are and what your life purpose is. To express who you are in all you do. To tap into that place of inner wisdom whenever you want.

I believe you already have all the answers you seek.

Here's what I'm offering you:

A safe space where you'll be not just heard, but understood. Where you'll be loved and never judged. Where you can let go of the shoulds to explore what's really true for you.

Sounds like what you need? Then come on in and look around:

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